Walnut Bases for 11.5" x 2.5" DMT Plates and Felt Strops

I have been working on a number of accessories that I would like to complement my knives with, and one of them is a walnut base for DMT Plate that can also double as a strop. DMT plate flat surface is ideal for attaching a felt strop (with magnetic backing). So in short, you get two products in one - a sharpening plate that doesn't need soaking or flattening and a strop. WIP to show what it takes to make a base from a raw lumber to a finished product. The process is as following: - Flattening Wood on a Joiner (in the pictures it's maple) - Resawing into planks - Squaring planks - Cutting strips into base blanks - Marking blanks - Chamfering edges - Rabbeting plate to recess feet - Chamfering bottom (for a comfortable hand grip) - Removing wood to recess the DMT plate - Hand-sanding - Sealing wood with Tru-Oil (several applications with steel wool sanding in-between) - Finish with hand-applied Poly or spray Lacquer

Felt Strops - Join the surface of magnetic backing and felt with contact cement - Cut to size