215mm gyuto  & 150mm petty in 52100 with an exhibition grade two-tone koa handle and jet black ancient bog oak sayas. Both knives are convex ground and hand finished, with rounded spine and choil. 52100 is a carbon steel and will rust if not cared properly. One can keep the knives shiny by using Flitz polishing paste or can let knives develop a beautiful patina.


Specifications  gyyuto

215mm on the edge

45.5mm tall at the heel

3mm thick on the spine over the heel

2mm thick half-way on the spine

1mm thick on the spine 10mm from the tip

Handle size:  17.5mm x 22mm front, 20mm x 25mm rear


Friction fitted saya & pin


Specifications  petty

150mm on the edge

31mm tall over the heel

3mm thick on the spine over the hill

2mm half way on the spine

.65mm 10mm from the tip


Handle measuremts 16.5mm x 20.5mm front, 18.5mm x 23mm back

Fitted saya & pin



copy of Gyuto & Petty Set 52100

  • If the knife doesn't meet a buyer's expectation, the buyer may return the knife/s within a week from the day of the receipt for a full refund bar the return shipping cost. However, we will ask  that the  buyer does not sharpen the knife/s.

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