300 mm Workhorse gyuto in 52100 with two-tone AAA grade Amboyna. The knife is convex ground, hand thinned on water stones and hand finished, with rounded and polished spine and choil. 62.5-63RC hardness. Molten salts heat-treated, for ultimate performance.


52100 is a carbon steel and will rust if not cared properly. One can keep the knives shiny by using Flitz or Simichrome polishing paste or can let knives develop a beautiful natural patina.



298 mm on the edge

56 mm tall at the heel

4.45 mm thick on the spine over the heel

2.7 mm thick half-way on the spine

1 mm thick on the spine 10mm from the tip

Weighs 328g


Custom fitted saya is optional.




300mm Gyuto in 52100 w/amboyna handle

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