My name is Andrei "Marko" Tsourkan. I am a founder (and a one-person operator) of

I have been passionate about knives and cooking all my life.

I started collecting high-performance kitchen knives in 2007. These were Japanese artisan-made kitchen knives and they cut by far better than any knife I used before. As I became familiar with my new knives, I soon discovered there was a room for improvement. I began tweaking and customizing them, and little by little, I began contemplating making my own knives.

In October 2010 I visited Devin Thomas in Panaca, Nevada. Devin is known for his damascus steel, but he is also one of the finest kitchen knife makers in US. I have spent two days in Panaca learning from Devin. He was a great teacher and gracious host and I am forever grateful for that experience.  This is how a journey into a knife-making began.

In November 2010 I started assembling my own workshop. I have spent countless hours improving my grinding and practicing heat treating. With Devin’s help I finalized a heat treating method, steel selection, grinding technique, and the rest was just hours and hours of practice. A year later I was finally ready to make a knife that I could offer for sale.

My knives have been influenced and inspired by work of Japanese and US craftsmen - Devin Thomas, Tokifusa Iizuka (Shigefusa), Bill Burke, Bob Kramer and others. In all of my work, I strive to find a balance between aesthetic and utilitarian - my knives are tools made to perform and to withstand rigors of professional kitchen. That has been my goal all along.